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Step 1: Burden of Illness Step 2: Community Effectiveness Step3: Economic Evaluation Step 4: Knowledge Translation and Implementation


Knowledge Translation & Implementation



  1. Introduction

  2. Factors Influencing Technology Policies, Strategies, and Management

  3. Translating Technology Assessment into Policy - Values and Judgements
  4. The Need for Health Technology Policies, Strategies and Management Function at the National Level

  5. The Framework for Health Technology Policy, Strategies, and Management
    1. Defining target groups
    2. Appropriate Financing and Use of Health Technology
    3. Developing Appropriate Rules and Regulations
    4. Optimal Technology Planning and Decentralization
    5. Examples of the Problems Challenging Technology Management At The System Policy Level

  6. Technology Management at the Facility and Practice Levels

  7. The Empowerment of Stakeholders for Social Accountability of Technology Assessment and Dispersion

  8. References

  1. Harvard Policy Maker

  2. Results Based Management (CIDA)

  3. Sentinel Community Survey - Evidence Based Planning (CIET)

  4. Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  5. The Primary Health Care Management Advancement Program (PHCMAP)

  6. Government Committee on Choices in Health Care, The Netherlands, The Dunning Commision

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