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Dr. Kevin Pottie

Dr. Kevin Pottie
Centre for Global Health
Institute of Population Health
University of Ottawa
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Dr. Kevin Pottie is Associate Professor of Family Medicine, and Epidemiology & Community Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He is Co-Chair of the Canadian Collaboration for Immigrant and Refugee Health and Founding Director of the Immigrant Health Clinic of Ottawa where he practices as a family physician.

Dr. Pottie is a Principal Scientist at the Institute of Population Health and the C.T Lamont Centre for Primary Care Research at the University of Ottawa. He completed his Medical Doctor degree at Dalhousie University, a Masters in Family Medicine at the University of Western Ontario, an AMS Senior Education Fellowship: ‘Medical Education in an Age of Pluralism’ and a Canadian Institutes of Interdisciplinary Health Research Fellowship.

His current research program focused on developing evidence based guidelines for primary care practitioners for disadvantaged populations, with a special interest in HIV and Diabetes and migrant populations, and implication of low health literacy on health outcomes and effectiveness.

His interest in research to assist disadvantaged populations began as a field doctor with Médecins Sans Frontières in post-war Republic of Georgia. Here, he worked in the Black Sea port of Batumi with the CDC and UNICEF helping to control a large diphtheria epidemic and then later conducted field research documenting poor access to medical care for war-displaced populations. More recently he spent his sabbatical year in the Republic of Congo where he worked with Medecins d’Afrique and with Médecins Sans Frontières, this time studying clinical outcomes and program elements related to emerging integrated HIV-AIDS programs in war-affected rural Africa. Dr. Pottie has also worked as a clinician in several other countries including Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Guatemala, Indonesia and Thailand. He is a recipient of the 2005 Commitment to Care Award, and the Ontario PAIRO 2002 Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award.

Dr. Pottie maintains an active interest in Global Health and is an appointed member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s International Health Committee. This committee has focused on bringing concepts of global health equity to a wide audience of family physicians and is currently studying ways to improve global health curriculum in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical training. He is currently helping to develop service learning programs as a vehicle to teach global health and health equity.

Dr. Pottie’s publication record includes over 60 journal articles, monographs, and book chapters. Many of these have been in the area of immigrant and refugee health and interdisciplinary primary health care, focusing on the delivery care to disadvantaged populations. More recently the focus of his research includes measuring health literacy in migrant populations and HIV prevention and care in disadvantaged and ethnic populations, methods to develop clinical guidelines and service training as a educational method to teach global health to medical students and residents. His recent publication in the Canadian Journal of Public Health based on the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada showed evidence linking poor language proficiency with poor health and was covered in the Toronto Star, National CBC Radio and OMNI television.

Research Interests

  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Health Literacy and Immigrants and Refugees
  • HIV and Migration, Diabetes and Migration
  • Global Health and Service Learning (focus on short term medical missions and refugee health initiatives)
  • Evidence-based methods for clinical practice guidelines for disadvantaged populations

Selected Publications

  1. O'Brien, D. P., Mills, C., Hamel, C., Ford N., & Pottie, K. Universal access: The Benefits and Challenges in bringing integrated HIV care to isolated and conflict affected populations in the Republic of Congo. Conflict and Health, 2009,3:1 January 7, 2009.

  2. Pottie, K., Ng, E., Spitzer, D., Mohammed, A., & Glazier, R. Language proficiency, gender and self-reported health: an analysis of the first two waves of the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2008; November-December: 505-510.

  3. Pottie. K., Farrell, B., Haydt, S., Dolovich, L., Kennie, N., Sellors, C., Hogg, W., ↦ Martin, C. Physicians’ perspectives on collaborative practice during the integration of pharmacists into family practices in Ontario. Can Fam Physician, December 2008; 54: 1714 - 1717.

  4. Pottie, K., Haydt, S., Farrell, B., Dolovich, L., Sellors, C., & Hogg, W. The Use of Narrative Reports in Monitoring and Evaluating the Integration of Pharmacists into Family Practice Settings. Annals of Family Medicine 2008; l6 (2): 162-165.

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